Create Your Personal Color Wheel

Hello Creative Friends!

Let’s talk about a different kind of Color Wheel, a very unique and personal one!

Recently I was interviewed for the Bold Artist Podcast by Bold School Inc. where I talked about my story of freedom to make art and to Stop Creating for Other People and Make the Art that you Love. I wholeheartedly believe that everyone has their gift and their unique voice that people need and that they can share with the world.

I talked about how I approach my color palette with both a mix of planning and intuition, and mentioned that I created my own color wheel using every single paint tube (in this case acrylics) that I have available with me!

This color wheel is not created by mixing primary colors (I have a couple of those that I created by paint brand) but by creating swatches of color for each paint tube and grouping them where they would be in respect to the color position in the wheel.

They are not arranged by value (yet!) but only grouped together under their primary color “parent”.

I use the Munsell Real Color Wheel - True Optical Complements in the center as a guide for true color comparison and I keep the grays on the side for now.

So, the photo you will see below is my personal color wheel that I have in one of the walls inside my creative space.

Color Wheel

This has been really useful for me to see how the color scheme I have in mind would look with the exact color I have at hand. They are attached to the wall with artist tape, so it is easy for me to detach them if I want to put them separately to see the palette alone. 

Here are some close ups to the swatches (terribly done, since I did not take much time to do a proper swatch!). I put the name of the color, and the initial of the brand. I definitely would love to do this with more detail and possibly mixing them in the future. For now, this is a really fun and useful activity you can do.

Would you be creating your own personal color wheel? I hope you do and that you share pictures with me!

Be bold, be courageous, show your colors!

With Love,


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