Color and Mood Class

Color and Mood Class


I am Luzdy Rivera, and I am delighted to be your Instructor for this class! You can join the class starting March 25th, 2022 here:

My Vibrant Expressions Series is about freedom of use of expressive colors, gestural brushstrokes and visual texture to spark interest and dynamism in portraits and figurative paintings.

In this class we will focus on how to select a color palette that works to achieve a color mood for a portrait using a Split-Complementary Color Scheme.

Here are some of the key learnings of this class:

  • How to create a color plan for the mood you want for your painting
  • How to select a color palette using the Color Wheel
  • What is and how to use a Split-Complementary Color Scheme
  • A different method to draw/paint a ¾ angle portrait
  • How to achieve more accuracy of proportion using a scale divider tool
  • How to use a gel medium with paint for texturizing the canvas
  • Balancing Color Saturation

I am looking forward to seeing your amazing creations and connecting more with you at Bold School.

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